World Institute for Action Learning - Cambodia

About Us

WIAL Cambodia is an official of the World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL). We are confident to bring WIAL, one of the potential action learning organizations, to Cambodia and bring Cambodia to the world. We develop contemporary and future leaders, spirit of high quality collaborative team building, and leaning institutions across Cambodia.

Under the leadership of Mr. Pech Bolene, chairman and CEO of Westline Education Group Co., Ltd., President of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Vice-President of Young Entrepreneur Association of Cambodia (YEAC), Board Member of Cambodia Investor Club (CIC) and Member of Business Network International ( BNI), WIAL Cambodia trains world-class foundation of Action Learning (ALF), Certification for Action Learning Coach 1(CALC 1) and Certification for Action Learning Coach 2( CALC2) according to the wold standard of global WIAL.

Furthermore, our competence coaches increase the quality learners’ action in every area of work.


The World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) is the only certifying body for Action Learning, providing various training & certification programs internationally. It is a rapidly growing international not-for-profit organization supported by WIAL Affiliates around the world. WIAL is a highly capable global organization helping clients rapidly solve urgent and important business challenges. Our clients frequently achieve a substantial Return on Investment (ROI) on their organization, leadership, and team development projects.

WIAL History

In 1995, WIAL co-founder Michael Marquardt met Reg Revans, widely recognized as the father of Action Learning. The two men began a dialogue that led to the development of the WIAL model of Action Learning, which focuses on continual learning. After years of testing, research and refinement, the model took final form in the renowned six components and two ground rules of Action Learning.

WIAL Vision

Make WIAL Action Learning the first choice for solving complex problems, while developing individuals, teams and leaders and transforming organizational culture.

WIAL Mission

WIAL’s mission is to unleash the capacity and capability for success through a two prong approach: 

By generating powerful solutions to complex problems using Action Learning thereby impacting individuals, teams, organizations, communities and nations for profound and sustainable change. 

By developing a learning network of certified Action Learning coaches and fostering a global WIAL community